New Web Store Launching soon!
Update as of October 28, 2020:

Hey Folks! I had hoped to have this ready to go earlier this fall, but the day job and life got the best of those plans. The new web store is very close to being done though, and I'm making steady progress when I can. I wish I could offer a more concrete date, but unfortunately the best prediction I have is "soon". Just know that I'm just as excited to sell these are you are to have them in your hands :)

If you are a former customer requiring support or replacements for your existing mount set, please feel free to contact me though Discord @Foxx#4921 or send an email to

I appreciate your patience, and I hope to have mounts in your hands soon!


Common Questions and Answers:

1) How much do mounts cost?
A single standard mount costs $87.50 in silver or $95 in black, This is the cost for any individual mount, such as a joystick mount or a throttle mount. Thus a pair of joystick and throttle mounts would be $175 in silver, or $190 in black.

The kit includes all of the necessary hardware to mount your Joystick or Throttle, as well as the 5/32" ball end Hex key needed to adjust the mounts. Standard mounts can work with up to a 4" (10 cm) grip extension, however anything longer than this would generally require the use of my extended length mount, which are $112.50 in silver or $120 in black.

2) How much does shipping cost?
For customers in the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) shipping is FREE for any orders of $35 or more. For Canadian customers, I offer a flat shipping rate of $35 USD for a pair of mounts through USPS.

All other countries have discounted shipping rates from a variety of carriers. Note that for international shipments, I do not include duty, tax or VAT on my orders, thus you will be billed separately for these by your country's customs agency.

3) Will these work with my desk?
The ideal type of desk for mounting is a solid straight rectangular slab of material, with sharp, or mildly radiused edges, and no supports or crossbeams near the front edge. Other desk types are supported too, but they may have special considerations that require modifications to the mount.

If you're not sure if your desk is compatible, or know that your desk may need some special considerations, there will be a "Custom Order Form" link at the top of the new web store when it goes live. Some examples of features that require special consideration are:
- Glass Top
- Paper Filled or Hollow Core (Such as the IKEA LINNMON Desks)
- Obstructions on the underside less than 2" from the edge
- Edge round-over with a radius more than 1/8"
- Sloped, notched, or decorative edges
- Curved Cutout
- Drawers in the clamp area
- Any other design feature that you think may impact mount compatibility

4) Which joysticks and throttles are compatible with your mounts?
Most of them! Here is a list, but if your device isn't on here, just let me know and I'll see if I can make a mount work for you:
- CH Stick or Throttle
- Logitech X52/X52 Pro Stick or Throttle
- Logitech X55/56 Stick or Throttle
- Realsimulator FSSB R3
- Thrustmaster Cougar Stick
- Thrustmaster Cougar Throttle
- Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Stick or Throttle
- Thrustmaster T16000M
- Thrustmaster TWCS
- Thrustmaster Warthog Stick
- Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle
- Virpil MT50 Throttle (Original/CM)
- Virpil MT50CM2 Throttle
- Virpil Stick (T50/T50CM2/WarBRD)
- VKB Gladiator
- VKB Gunfighter

5) If I buy a mount from you, but later change devices, can I buy just replacement plates?
Yes, absolutely! Mounting plates will be available for purchase on the web store for $35 USD. Also, the majority of my mounts include hole patterns for several devices, so rather than a new plate, you may just need a few screws that you can purchase from me, or from your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

6) Do you sell other accessories, such as MFD mounts, or mouse mounts?
Yes indeed, these will be available for purchase when the web store goes live.

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