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Desk Mount with 2.0" Reach Modification, Extended Length
Desk Mount with 2.0" Reach Modification, Extended Length

Desk Mount with 2.0" Reach Modification, Extended Length

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These Custom mounts are used to account for large round-overs or cross beams that are too close to the front edge for the standard mount to accommodate.

They have a 4.5" long top plate, and have a 2.0" spacer between the clamp and the vertical beam.

These mounts are otherwise identical to the Extended Desk Mount in function, and assembly. 

Extended Length Desk Mounts are longer than the standard mount to accommodate sticks with long extensions on them. The vertical beam is 18" long and the horizontal beam is 10" long. This allows the base of the stick to be positioned from 0" to 17" below the desk top surface, and allows for an adjustment of 0" to 9" away from the desk. 

These are a good match for the sticks with a 20cm extension, such as the VKB Gunfighter Pro, or Virpil Bases with their curved extension. 

When ordering, please select the desired color, and the specify the device you're mounting, using the pull-down menus above.

Mounts come with the mounting plate, and all of the fasteners needed to attach the selected device. They also include the adjustment tool. Mounts have a rubber grip pad on the underside of the top plate to protect the desktop surface.

A single mount can be compatible with other devices as well, see the plate compatibility table in the images. Other devices may require additional fastener kits. These can be purchased in the Parts and Fasteners section.

Note: Some of the product photos are using renders as a stand in until product photos are ready. Actual appearance may vary slightly. The main image is showing the VKB Gunfighter with 20CM Extension as an example.

Click Here for Assembly Instructions