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New changes for UK Customers due to BREXIT

Hello Everyone,

This post is to briefly cover some changes for customers in the United Kingdom, as the new BREXIT changes for VAT have had some implications on sales.

Traditionally, A UUK based customer would buy the mounts without VAT applied, and the Duty and VAT on an order has been billed separately by United Kingdom Customs at the time of entry. 

With the new regulations in place, UK Customs will now only do this for orders over 135GPB (Around $185 USD at the time of this writing). Orders under this amount require the seller to collect the VAT as part of the shipment, otherwise they may be held in customs, or sent back to the seller.

I've briefly looked into what it takes to register and collect VAT, honestly, the additional paperwork, record keeping, financial transactions, and legal obligations, just aren't worth the added hassle, as historically, only a very small number of orders to the UK have been below 135 GPB.

Thus going forward, I am implementing a minimum order of $190 for any UK bound orders, to keep them above the new VAT threshold. This may have to adjust over time to keep aligned with the USD to GPB conversion rates, but that's where it's set at the moment. I am looking into avenues to allow for smaller orders to be placed, and will make another post if I can sort something out here.

Please note, that this has not affected any of the orders in the queue to date, and will only be a factor for new orders.