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Extrusion Info

You'll see reference throughout my site to aluminum extrusion, extrusion sizes, and certain numbered series, and you may be wondering "what does all this mean?" I will try to address that here.


What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminum Extrustion, also known as Aluminum Profile, T-Slot Extrusion, or 80/20, is an aluminum shape with standardized T-slots on its perimeter. The sizes for this are standardized across the industry, and the geometry is defined by a Series and a Profile number.

The series number determines the standard unit length for a given profile, though you'll have to keep track of if the series is using Imperial or Metric units.

For example, Imperial 10 series extrusion has a standard unit length of 1 inch (25.4mm), while metric 20 series profile has a standard unit length of 20mm.

So, Imperial 10 series, is actually larger than  Metric 20 series, because one is imperial and one is metric.

The other determining factor of the size is the profile number. Profiles come in standard unit spacing, and is essentially a multiple of the series number. For instance, Imperial 10 series 1020 profile is interpreted as being a 1 inch standard size, that is 1 units tall and 2 units wide. Thus it would be 1in x 2in. See the example image below:

Likewise Imperial 10 series 1010 would be 10 series profile that is 1 unit tall by one unit wide, thus 1in x 1in.

Another example, Metric 40 series 4080 profile would be 1 units tall by 2 units wide (divide the profile number by the series number to get the unit spacing), so this would be 40mm tall by 80mm wide.


What Extrusion size does Foxx Mount use?

The extrusion I use for Foxx Mount products is Imperial 10 series 1020 profile.

This means that the profile is 1" x 2", with a 1" pitch spacing. 


I have a sim cockpit made with 8020, is that the same size as the aluminum you use?

8020, or more correctly 80/20 is actually just a brand name, like Band-aid or Kleenex, and doesn't actually have anything to do with the size of the aluminum profile. 80/20 is just a supplier of aluminum profile rail, and aluminum profile rail comes in an assortment of sizes that are somewhat standardized across the industry. If you're using a pre-built simulation rig, chances are that it is using Metric 40 Series 4080 profile, or Imperial 15 series 1530 Profile, which would not be compatible with my usual mount plates, but I do make this one for those cases:


Are your plates compatible with Monstertech Mounts?

Monstertech mounts use Metric 40 series 4080 Profile, which is much larger than the Imperial 10 series 1020 profile I use for Foxx Mount products. 4080 is not compatible with my usual mounting plates,  but I do make this one for those cases:

Additionally, where  Metric 40 series and Imperial 15 Series are nearly the same size, anything listed on my site as 15/40 would be compatible.