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Desk Compatibility

The ideal type of desk for mounting is a solid straight rectangular slab of material, with sharp, or mildly radiused edges, and no supports or crossbeams near the front edge. Other desk types are supported too, but they may have special considerations that require modifications to the mount.

If you're not sure if your desk is compatible, or know that your desk may need some special considerations, fill out a Custom Request Form. Some examples of features that require special consideration are:
- Glass Top
- Paper Filled or Hollow Core (Such as the IKEA LINNMON Desks)
- Obstructions on the underside less than 2" from the edge
- Edge round-over with a radius more than 1/8"
- Sloped, notched, or decorative edges
- Curved Cutout
- Drawers in the clamp area
- Any other design feature that you think may impact mount compatibility