Please note: Due to heavy demand, and material delays, current fulfillment time is estimated at 5-6 weeks


  • Temporary Hold on New Orders after July 4th, 2021

    Hey Everyone, In the past you may have heard me mention that Foxx Mount is a two man operation, with myself, and my noble assistant, Michael. Micha...
  • Slight change to Leveling Feet on orders shipped after 4/1/21

    I'm making arrangements for a different foot to be on hand much sooner to keep orders flowing out the door. These new feet will be of the same design, but slightly larger in diameter (32mm [1.26-n] for the new feet vs 25mm [.98in] for the old feet).

    For the vast majority of customers, this change will have no impact at all.

  • New Etsy Shop open for UK Customers with small orders

    Hello Everyone, In my last post, I mentioned how BREXIT's new VAT policies has created hiccup on orders less than 135 GPB. Since then, I've come up...
  • New changes for UK Customers due to BREXIT

    Hello Everyone, This post is to briefly cover some changes for customers in the United Kingdom, as the new BREXIT changes for VAT have had some imp...
  • Current Lead Times - January 2021

    Hello Everyone! As we kick into the New Year, I wanted to give an update on the current production status and lead times. Since the launch of the w...
  • New Prouct added: VKB Blackbox Holder

    Looking for a great way to secure the VKB Blackbox onto your desk mount? This little holder is the perfect solution! If you have an existing mount...
  • USPS Tracking still shows as "Pre-Shipment"

    Hey everyone!

    I've been getting a handful of messages from folks asking why their package is still showing up as "Pre-Shipment, USPS Awaiting Item" even days after the tracking number was sent.

    I wanted to shed some light on this and hopefully alleviate some concerns.

  • Current order load, and lead times

    My current estimation from Order Date to Shipment Date is 2-3 weeks. This is then followed by the delivery time frame quoted by the carriers on the shipping page. Note that the carriers are heavily burdened this time of year, so their estimates may run a little later than their quoted times.
  • International Shipping Costs further tweaked

    Hey Guys, Thanks so much to the international customers who have reached out with feedback on shipping costs. Its looks like there were cases where...
  • New Flat Rate Shipping options added for International Customers

    Hey there! I've gone through and added some additional flat rate shipping options for more countries. This should add a lower cost option for folks...
  • Web Store Launched!

    Hey guys, The day is finally here, the the site is up! I greatly appreciate all the patience everyone has had, and all the emails of encouragement ...