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Slight change to Leveling Feet on orders shipped after 4/1/21

**Updated 3/29/21 to correct markup image**

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to give a heads up that I will be making a change to the leveling feet, which are the small pads that screw on to the toggle clamps, and make contact with the underside of the desk

My current supplier for leveling feet recently updated me that the lead time on my order would push out to over 3 months. That simply won't do, so I'm making arrangements for a different foot to be on hand much sooner to keep orders flowing out the door. These new feet will be of the same design, but slightly larger in diameter 1.26-in [32mm] for the new feet vs .98-in [25mm] for the old feet).

For the vast majority of customers, this change will have no impact at all. The only case where this might matter is if you had a desk with a cross beam less than 1.5" from the edge. If you are in the small minority that might be affected please send me an email with your order number and I'll see if I can reserve some of the remaining smaller diameter feet, or get some on order from elsewhere.