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MFD Mount
MFD Mount
MFD Mount
MFD Mount
MFD Mount
MFD Mount

MFD Mount

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This new and improved version of the MFD Mount offers some additional compatibility!

 The compatible devices include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Thrustmaster Cougar MFD
  • Virpil Control Panels (CP1, CP2, SharKA)
  • WINWING PTO Panel (Oringinal only, not PTO2)
  • Tek Creations F18 UFC
  • Tek Creations F16 ICP
  • Tek Creations Uni UFC
  • VESA 75 Devices


  • Winwing MFD
  • Winwing PTO 2

MFD Mounts are designed to secure the Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs. They also include a VESA 75 hole pattern for securing small monitors or button boxes. They are also a great size for Elgato Stream Decks, which can be secured using double sided tape. MFD Mounts come with fasteners for securing a Thrustmaster Cougar MFD, M5 Screws for Virpil, Winwing, Tek Creations, and VESA Devices, as well as the fasteners to secure the MFD mount to a Desk Mount.

MFD Mounts are designed to be used with the 10 Series Extrusion used on Foxx Mount Products, however they can also be used with 15 or 40 series extrusion if you buy some 15/40 Series Nuts.

MFD Mounts are available in several variants:

  • Beam Color: Black Beams or Silver Beams to match your existing Foxx Mount setup. In both cases, the MFD Plate itself is anodized black.

  • Style:
    • Dual MFD Mount with Pivoting Adjustment Arms:
      The "standard" MFD Mount. This lets you secure a pair of Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs on either side of a center stick mount, or you can have one arm on the left mount, and another on the right mount. Pivots allow the arms to be folded inwards for storage, and allow for tilting the mount for better visibility. Adjustment arms allow for 0-4" of adjustment left to right. All adjustments use the same Allen wrench that comes with a Desk Mount.

    • Single MFD Mount with Pivoting Adjustment Arm:
      For if you only need to secure a single MFD offset to one side. You can change it from left or right configuration by moving the bracket to the other side of the beam.

    • Plate Only:
      Just the plate without adjustment arms or pivots. Still includes the fasteners to secure the MFD, and the fasteners to secure the plate to the extrusion. Use this if you're creating your own extrusion setup, or if you just want the plate mounted flat to the beam.

 Note: Some of the product photos are using renders as a stand in until product photos are ready. Actual appearance may vary slightly.

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