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Mouse Add-on (For use with 15 or 40 Series extrusion)
Mouse Add-on (For use with 15 or 40 Series extrusion)

Mouse Add-on (For use with 15 or 40 Series extrusion)

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For use with 15 or 40 Series Extrusion. Not intended to be used on a Foxx Mount Desk Mount.  For a Foxx Mount, use this version instead.

This mouse add-on is a great addition for DCS or Star Citizen players, who frequently need access to their mouse while flying. The custom designed locking pivot allows the mount to stay securely in place, or folded down for compact storage; without the need for any tools.

Mouse Add-ons are shipped in a right handed configuration, but can be user adjusted to be left handed for those looking to add a small keypad or button box on the left side.

This Mouse Add-on is intended for use with 15 or 40 series extrusion, which is much larger than the 10 series extrusion used in Foxx Mount Products. This larger extrusion size is used by other mount systems on the market, such as racing rigs, home cockpits.

If you're not sure what extrusion series you have on your mount, measure the thickness of a beam in it's shortest direction. If its 1-inch thick, then its 10 series, like what is used for Foxx Mount products. If its 1.5-inches thick, then its likely 15 series. If its 40mm thick, then its likely 40 series. If you're not sure, reach out to me and I can likely help you determine. You can also check out my Extrusion Info page for more information.

This version comes with 15/40 series quarter turn nuts for easily installing onto an existing mount setup. 

Note that both Black and Silver mouse mounts use a natural aluminum plate. You can use the plate itself without a mouse pad, but a mouse pad is suggested for better comfort.

The plate size is 9" x 10.25" (228mm x 260mm). Here are some example mouse pads that fit nicely, so anything of a similar size should work well:

(note these are not affiliate links, I am not associated with any of these products, and I don't make any money off of their recommendation)

Use some double sided adhesive tape or dots, or adhesive spray to hold the mouse pad onto the mouse plate.

 Note: Some of the product photos are using renders as a stand in until product photos are ready. Actual appearance may vary slightly.

Click Here for Assembly Instructions