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Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit
Fastener Kit

Fastener Kit

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Note that a Fastener Kit already comes with every Mounting Plate order. These are only intended for replacements, or to use a different device on an existing plate.

Use these kits to replace lost fasteners, or to use an alternate device with an existing mount set. Note that each kit is only for a single device, so if you're looking for replacement fasteners for a stick, and a throttle, you will need 2 kits.

To determine which kit you need, please consult the tables below:

Mount Type Fastener Kit
CH Stick or Throttle [Plate C] Velcro Strips
CH Stick or Throttle [Plate D] Velcro Strips
Logitech X52/X52 Pro Stick or Throttle Logitech X52
Logitech X55/X56 Stick or Throttle Logitech X55/X56
Realsimulator FSSB R3 [Plate A] Common M4
Realsimulator FSSB R3 [Plate B] Common M4
Thrustmaster Cougar Stick Common M4
Thrustmaster Cougar Throttle Cougar Throttle
Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Stick or Throttle Velcro Strips
Thrustmaster T16000M [Plate C] T16000M
Thrustmaster T16000M [Plate D] T16000M
Thrustmaster TWCS [Plate C] T16000M
Thrustmaster TWCS [Plate D] T16000M
Thrustmaster Warthog Stick [Plate A] Common M4
Thrustmaster Warthog Stick [Plate B] Common M4
Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle Common #10
Virpil MT50 Throttle (Original/CM) [Plate D] Common #10
Virpil MT50 Throttle (Original/CM) [Plate E] Plate E
Virpil MT50CM2/CM3 Throttle [Plate C] Common M4
Virpil MT50CM2/CM3 Throttle [Plate D] Common #10
Virpil MT50CM2/CM3 Throttle [Plate E] Plate E
Virpil Stick (T50/T50CM2/WarBRD) Common M4
VKB Gladiator Common #10
VKB Gunfighter [Plate A] Common M4
VKB Gunfighter [Plate B] Common M4
WINWING Orion Throttle Common #10
WINWING Stick (Libra/Orion) WINWING Stick