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Collection: Desk Mounts (OLD)

Desk Mounts are currently unavailable. See this blog post for details. If you'd like to make your own mounts, you can use my plates and source your own beams and clamps :)


Also known as "Foxx Mounts" these are what started it all!

Desk mounts are used to firmly attach your stick or throttle to your desk, and set them to the perfect height for comfortable ergonomics, or enhanced realism. Desk mounts feature a toggle clamp for rapid attachment and removal. Gone are the days where you need to clear your desk and spend minutes rearranging things to set up your flight gear. With Desk Mounts, you can go from "work mode" to "play mode" in a matter of seconds.

Desk Mounts come in Black or Silver, and there are Extended versions available for those with long extensions on their sticks.

The ideal type of desk for mounting is a solid straight rectangular slab of material, with sharp, or mildly radiused edges, and no supports or crossbeams near the front edge. Other desk types are supported too, but they may have special considerations that require modifications to the mount. If your not sure about whether or not your desk will be compatible, click the Custom Request Form link at the top of the page, and fill out the form with your information. 

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